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Do you think food hunting is a difficult task? It is never easy to find the best food deals, discounts, and offers that match your budget and make you feel fulfilled for longer. Especially when you want to order food for your friends and family with the best discounts on food and drinks in Pakistan. Hence, if you are looking for the best places to get food discounts, then continue reading because we have highlighted the best places to get discounts on food and drinks in Pakistan. 

The Best Places to Get Discounts 

Receiving discounts gives us next level happiness. At the same time, there are many restaurants and online food ordering platforms that offer incredible discounts on a variety of foods. If you are on the restaurant hunting mission to find the best sales, deals, and offers in Pakistan, then consider the restaurants highlighted below.


Dominos is one of the best and most exciting places to get discounts on food and drinks in Pakistan. The best thing about them is that they are always up with exciting deals based on the occasions, such as Tuesday deals, weekend deals, Mother's and Father's Day deals. They also amaze their customers with exciting Eid and Ramadan offers. You’ll always be amazed with their offerings. So no matter what time of the day or night you want food, you can always rely on Domino's for the best sales, deals, and offers. 


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Papa Johns 

Papa John's is the best place to get the best food deals, discounts, and offers. They are currently offering their best deal, which is Papa John's Thursday Deal, in which you can buy any three medium pizzas for just 2299/-PKR including taxes. Another great deal from Papa John's in their double treat. In which you can just buy any two of the medium classic pizzas for just 1699/- PKR. This is the most amazing deal that gives you the feeling of buying one and getting one free.   

New Yorker

When it comes to getting good food at a lower price, New Yorkers is the best place to go. It is one of the best restaurants that deals in 21-inch dishes. The size and quality of their pizza is always extraordinary. Recently, they launched the 21-inch crown pizza in 1999/-PKR. Their rates are very low and affordable as compared to other restaurants. So, if you want to order food for your family or give treats to a group of friends, New Yorker is a place you should consider. 


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If you are on a mission of best food hunting in Pakistan, then don’t miss KFC from your list because they have the best fast food menu and they bring the best deals with amazing discounts on food and refreshing drinks in Pakistan that range from everyday value to meal boxes, midnight and sharing. You can also order online from their website. The KFC family deals are under 2000/- PKR. At the same time, if you are craving at midnight, you can just enjoy their mid-night deals that start at 12:00 AM and cost no more than 580/-PKR. 


Monal offers the best deals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their platters are very economical and filling. You can literally order food online and the quantity is very much, which you can easily divide between two people equally. Similarly, Monal always comes with a variety of offers on multiple events, so it will never disappoint you whenever you are on your mission of hunting food with the best discounted deals. 

The Best Food Hunting App in Pakistan 

No doubt, there are many popular food hunting applications in Pakistan that are actively providing customers with a virtual food court where they can easily search for food and satisfy their cravings. Well, one of the best food hunting apps with a user-friendly experience is Foodnerd App. You can literally grab the best deal in town from Foodnerd. Similarly, they often offer loyalty coupons and discount rewards to their loyal customers. They also have very strict policies regarding order fulfillment and they make sure that the customer always receives the exact item that they ordered. At the same time, their customer service is very responsive and fair. Foodnerd always takes quick action if a customer receives the wrong item. The Foodnerd food ordering app continuously concentrates on updating features in order to give users a great experience.


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