5 best restaurants in rawalpindi 2020
  • Arsala Khalid
  • 2020/03/26
Rawalpindi is a city that is known for its busy lifestyle and the variety of food it offers. This city itself is an old, historic city, offering the best traditional foods but as it is also the neighbour of the capital city, Islamabad, fast food and international cuisines also have a strong influence here. All in all, you can find every kind of food in the city. It’s not wrong to say that no foodie is disappointed by the vast number of dishes here! 

That being said, every city has good eateries as well as ones you feel like you wasted your money on. And therefore, it is wise to look up reviews and ratings of a restaurant before going down there to eat. And these days, given how badly corona is spreading globally, it is best to use an online food delivery in Rawalpindi than going to the restaurant. So, here are the best 5 best restaurants of the city that you should order from, using a third party delivery service like foodnerd: 

Hamlet BBQ (Bahria Town, Rawalpindi) 
Hands down the most delicious BBQ I’ve tasted in the twin cities! Order their BBQ platter to enjoy tender, succulent, and well-marinated BBQ items. From malai kabab to behari boti, every BBQ item is cooked to perfection. Despite BBQ being their speciality, Hamlet BBQ has an overall an attractive, delicious desi menu filled with mouth-watering, tasty food items! Since the inauguration of the restaurant, it has been winning the hearts of every customer there. Their BBQ platter and chicken handi is a fan favorite and thus, a must-try! 

Bundu Khan (Saddar, Rawalpindi)
Imagine this; hot parathas with bbq and chutney. Yes, you can enjoy this delicious food combo at Bundu Khan. From fish tikkas to hi-tea platters, every food item at Bundu Khan stands out. Bundu khan is a renowned food chain who has loyal customers all over the country. Like others, the one in Saddar doesn’t disappoint in taste either. In my opinion, Bundu Khan is the place you should go to or order food from when you are craving the best Mutton in town. Their delicious Arabic White Mutton Handi will satisfy all your cravings and even leave you wanting for more! 

Ox and Grill (Bank Road, Rawalpindi)
The best steak house place in the twin cities! While their steaks are the main strength, their pastas are pretty good too. If you want food worthy your money, Ox and Grill is the best option. Their steaks are well-cooked, juicy and fulfilling. Both the beef and chicken option here is safe as both taste amazing. While talking about ox and grill, it is important to mention the welcoming ambiance and trained servers! I was highly impressed with the place and classify it as one of the best in Rawalpindi! 

Monal Restaurant (Saddar, Rawalpindi)
Talking about excellent restaurants and not mentioning Monal would be a crime! While it’s branch in Islamabad is notorious for its amazing view, the Monal in Rawalpindi is known for its amazing food. Located in Saddar, you get the best desi food and international cuisine here. From Thai to Italian to Chinese, there’s something for everyone! Their buffets are very famous because they have a large spread that is worth your money!

Bar B.Q Tonight (DHA Phase II, Rawalpindi)
The mutton ribs at Bar B.Q Tonight are a good reminder why our traditional Pakistani cuisine is loved around the world! This restaurant has managed to attract a large audience in Rawalpindi, serving them with uniquely flavoured dishes. The best part about Bar B.Q Tonight is that they keep updating their menu, based on the customer and market trends. The drinks available on their menu go very well with the spicy and delicious food they serve. It definitely is a place from where you can order online during the quarantine situations!

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