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  • 2021/11/10

Chapati, Roti, Tortilla, flatbread, Naan, and many other names are used for the Roti, and it is considered as the most popular thing around the world, especially in South Asia, i.e., Indian and Pakistani households, roti is the regular food that is consumed on a daily basis and in many forms. Many of us do not know the fact that how much substantial roti is? Why is it consumed daily? How many calories are in roti? And how many nutritions are there in roti?. We have highlighted all the details regarding the Roti, including the calories and nutrition; continue reading it to gain more knowledge.

What Is Roti?

Roti is also known as chapati. It is a round flatbread made from wheat flour. It is very light weighted and rich in nutrients. It is created with just three ingredients, i.e., wheat flour, water, and salt (according to taste), which are kneaded together and then cooked on flame. Roti is considered as the essential part of the meal, which is always served with food including vegetables, lentils, beans, and meat. During breakfast, it is served as Paratha, Naan, or Puri, and our lunch, breakfast, and dinner feel incomplete without Roti. 


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How Many Calories Are In Roti?

One of the most common things which diet-conscious people are concerned with is the calories in Chapati. It is believed that there are a total of 120 calories in Roti. It is not of much concern because there is much other food in our daily life intake as well that contains many more calories as compared to roti, such as white rice containing 242 calories. Therefore, the best solution is always to eat healthy food in a medium quantity, avoid junk food and burn the extra calories with exercise, walking, running, and many other physical activities. 

How To Burn Calories In Roti? 

If you are concerned with burning the calories in chapati, then don’t worry. It is not a difficult task to do. The one chapati contains 120 calories. These calories also vary from the size of roti. The calories in roti can be quickly burned through walking, Running, and Bicycling. Just walking  (3mph) for 32 minutes will burn your 120 KCal. Similarly, running (6mph) for 12 minutes will also result in losing 120 KCal. Also, bicycling (10 mph) for 17 minutes will allow you to burn 120 KCal. 

Nutritional Benefits Of Roti 

It is believed that Roti is highly nutritious because of the carbohydrates and the fiber present in it, and it is very healthy for diabetic patients. It is recommended for people with constipation issues to eat chapati rich in fiber. Roti Does not have many calories compared to other food items. That's why it is good to consume for the people who are on diet. As people on a diet for weight loss need to reduce their protein consumption, Roti is a portion of good food for them to consume. Similarly, the chapati is ideal for BP patients because it makes your blood pressure level moderate. If you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, then eating roti is a good option because it doesn’t have fat or any extra item, and it is created with a straightforward recipe.


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