• Arsala Khalid"
  • 2020/04/20

Fast food has become a regular part of our eating routine. Burgers, fries, pizzas, rolls or one thing or the other creeps in your lunch or dinner in at least a week. While Lahore is much more renowned for its desi food and traditional culture, the people living there are also fast food lovers. Simply put, Lahore excels in every kind of food and has something that would interest every foodie. 

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, however, it's no longer possible to go down your favourite restaurant and order your favourite burger with fries and a cold drink. What is possible, though, is to get your food delivered to your doorstep using a food delivery service. Prior to the outbreak, too, fast food delivery in Lahore was pretty common, and now people are seeking it more than ever. However, make sure that the food service you are using follows the proper protocols to ensure hygiene and safe delivery of your food. 

Foodnerd has really stepped up its game during these harsh times. The riders have been provided with sanitizers, face masks, gloves and instructed to wash their hands after every delivery they make. You get timely delivery of your favourite food and can eat it while watching the new season of Money Heist! Doesn't that sound like fun? So, what should you order then? 

The Big Mouth 

If you are craving for a delicious burger at an economical price, then 'The Big Mouth' is the place. From Patty Burger to Zinger Burger, everything is finger-licking delicious. They also have a wide range of wraps for you to choose from. Take a bite of their rolls, and you'll feel so many flavours in your mouth, all good, all making you want just more. The Big Mouth is the perfect place to order from during these days when you are stuck at home and craving for good food.

Mr Cod

Their fried fish and fish burgers are to die for. I can have them any day of the week, at any time. I won't be surprised if I even dream about them, to be honest. Mr Cod is known for the large variety of fish dishes they have and people. With a strong 4.8 rating on Facebook, you can have an idea of its popularity in the city of Lahore. It has branches all over Pakistan where fish lovers come and have a wonderful time. You can see their menu online and then get your chosen food delivered to your doorstep using foodnerd app! 


Subway is one of those renowned food chains in the world which has a rich history. It opened up about 50 years back by a college student who wanted to provide affordable, fulfilling and healthy submarine sandwiches. Fast forward to 2020, and it is one of the biggest food chains, globally with more than 24,000 stores all around the world. 

Lahore has a few subway chains too, where you can order your custom sandwiches. Their quality of food is always top-notch and with foodnerd's fast and secure delivery service, you can get it delivered to your home in minimal time. It's one of the best food options in Lahore! 

Kitchen Guru' sss

Kitchen Guru' sss is a relatively new player in the restaurant industry. You can get chicken, beef and fish burgers here at an economical price. Shawarma, Paratha and rolls are also available here. I had recently ordered their chicken cheese sandwich when I'd gotten bored from home food, and I wasn't disappointed by it at all. I ended up recommending 3 of my friends about it. Overall, the place has a great menu, fantastic food and great sauces!

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