• Arsala Khalid
  • 2020/07/01

Businesses constantly face changes to stay at the top of their game but technology completely changed the way businesses operated. There have been countless developments in streamlining ordering and billing processes to meet customers’ expectations. The restaurant industry is an excellent example of how the advancement of technology has affected the way businesses operate. 

Restaurant inventory management software is one such piece of technology that has revolutionized business operations and helped in the growth of businesses a lot. The bricks and mortar cafes, especially, have seen a boost in their sales with the use of  POS and inventory management systems. The food industry has very little margins, so it is important for the business to have a quick billing process, organized inventory, proper work allocation, etc. Another feature that restaurant owners look for is a capable kitchen display system.

So, What is a Kitchen Display System? 

The display monitor that acts as the messenger between the kitchen staff and the waiters who take the orders is a KDC. It is integrated with a Point of Sale system allowing the orders to be displayed on the kitchen display system. This improves your customer service as your servers don’t need to move to and fro the kitchen and the dining area to take and pass on the order. Similarly, your kitchen staff can easily understand the order and doesn’t waste time squinting their eyes, trying to read the shorthand of the waiting staff who takes the orders. 

Still not convinced that investing in a KDS is a smart move for your restaurant, here are some other convincing reasons for you:

Efficiency in Kitchen: 

A Kitchen Display System lets you generate tickets that can be targeted to the different display screens in the kitchen. So, you can send orders to the relative stations, reducing the time required to pass on the message to the relevant chefs. It’s also a smart move to colour code the order status to speed up the process further. All in all, you’ll find the back office of your restaurant improves in efficiency by using a KDS. 

Accurate Orders

You’ll see a drastic improvement in your orders when you start using a KDS. Handwritten orders are prone to errors, both from the writer’s side and reader’s. When a customer receives a different order from what they had wanted, it’s not a good look for the restaurant or the staff working there. You can avoid this disaster when you use a KDS as it allows you to review your orders in real-time. Plus, you won’t miss any orders by losing the order slips or something else. It’ll be present on your monitor till you update its status yourself. So, the advantage of having your POS linked to your Kitchen display system is that you won’t ever miss any order. 

Better Customer Service: 

The most important part of any customer-serving business is the customers. The more satisfied the customers are with you, the better your business will do. A kitchen display system helps in this regard. When you provide your diners with hot, delicious food in minimal time, it’s a guarantee that they will keep coming back to you. 

Keep Track of Your Business: 

Your kitchen display system is connected to your Point of Sale software, so you can view your reports and analyze restaurant data from there, as a whole. You can learn about the total time spent in taking and preparing an order and determine which operations required to be sped up. These insights are very helpful in keeping your businesses at par with your competitors so make sure to pay good attention to them! 

The Takeaway: 

You need to extensively research to learn which Kitchen Display System suits you the most. It’s a one-time investment so make sure you choose the right system! It’s best to list down your requirements first and then filter the KDSs’ that meet them. Then also make sure to look at the customer feedback before making the final decision. 

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