• Muhammad Faizan
  • 2017/11/28

Tucked away inside Islamabad’s famous Kohsar market, Table Talk refurbish itself and opened a casual deli space on its first floor. A new place for Islamabad’s fashionables to come for a nibble. 

The Kohsar market has nestled one of the best cafes in Islamabad and Table Talk Deli surely lived up to the expectation.

The delightful experience to walk into the cute interior with the Scandinavian vibe is captivating. The whole idea of Table talk Deli is to enjoy the lazy afternoon sipping freshly brewed coffee or a quick snack.


First thing first. Fun, simple and quirky is the best way to describe the items served on the deli lunch menu.

The best thing on the menu is their pot pie. The portion of each palate is large enough to be filling and not big enough to make you look greedy.  

Slider burgers are worth giving a try if you’re deli fan. The sliders won’t get your hands dirty; the fresh, lukewarm and soft bun will surely crave you for more.

If you are a non-fussy, taste their tangy chicken wings and prawn dynamites as they are deliciously good and will make you visit again. The latter is exploded with spicy flavors so watch-out non-spicy lovers!  

The chocolate brownies have a perfect consistency and baked well with the crackled top. A perfect treat for sweet toothed peeps.  

The Deli Menu

The menu offers a variety of cuisines including soups, sliders, coffee, and dessert. Simple yet mesmerizing, the deli menu may be limited than the restaurant downstairs but the food is a treat to one’s senses.

The homely cooked delicacies with friendly waiters are the destination choice for everyone including students, businessmen, artists, tourists, and bohemians.

Having several cups of coffee while binging on deli food and chatting endlessly with friends is what this place is about.


The European-inspired decor with a white wooden interior, lime green, and candy pink seats makes it one of the chicest hang-out places this side of the city. 

Despite its subtle elegance the blackboard behind the counter adds up to the charm and also exudes warm and welcoming vibe.

On the front side, the Table Talk Deli balcony is separated by large plain windows overlooking the lush green trees and plant pots.

The Book Shelf

For many, including us, looking at the bookshelves resulted in love at first sight. The old bookshop is merged in the deli preserving the aura of the place.

The visitors can enjoy a sip of coffee and pick a novel from the shelf on the cozy evenings to have some quality soul soothing time.

The casual reading space is equipped with fiction, nonfiction novels, and magazines which blend right with the deli theme.


The Table Talk Deli has something for everyone. It’s a must visit place for someone who love to enjoy the little bit of solitude on a rainy day afternoon with coffee and books.

The quite cozy setting area, immaculately tasty deli food and a fantastic selection of books make the Table Talk Deli the ultimate place in Islamabad.

If you like to have a chit-chat with your friends over a hot cup of coffee then you will definitely fall in love with this place. 

For Foodnerd customers, all we can ask you to hold onto your appetite as soon you will be able to order food from Table Talk via Foodnerd's iOS and android application. 

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