• Arsala Khalid
  • 2020/07/09

Starting any business is a tricky business. From deciding what niche you want to explore, to hiring the staff for it, to managing your inventory, it all is a lot of hassle. And expanding a business to a franchise level, while admirable, is much trickier than handling a single restaurant or store.  You require to get extra work done as well as more time to manage your operations effectively.  

It’s a stressful job managing your inventory between multiple locations, or worse, stay on top of your customer needs and wants from each location. A restaurant POS software comes in really handy in these situations. There are a lot of benefits of running everything from one database using one point of sale system. So, let’s take a look at the benefit of running a multi-location POS for your business: 

The Benefit of Using One POS for Multi-Locations: 

Restocking your items can be really annoying if you have to get a list of all the items required at each of your restaurants and order them separately. It’s much much convenient to receive alerts when you are running low on stocks and place orders for them with just a single click. 

The inventory control function of your POS can help you shave off 2-5% from buying extra ingredients for your food preparation. A set of features are available to let you closely monitor each and every ingredient used to make the dishes on your restaurant’s menu. 

When you use a POS, you have features that let you closely observe the difference between the estimated and actual consumption at your restaurants. You can draw a pretty accurate trend from this data and thus, your costs will remain low and profits high. 

One attraction of managing all your franchises through one restaurant POS software is that you can run and track discounts and promotions from different locations from one screen. Customers hate when they can’t run promo codes from different locations. It’s frustrating and causes a loss in sales opportunities. 

Don’t Miss on Sales Opportunities, We have a Solution: 

Yes, thankfully there is a solution for you. A lot of restaurants in Pakistan have multiple franchises and face these problems when they are trying to manage all their locations. A growing business has growing demands. You’ll need to be able to easily update your menu items, generate promo codes, manage your customer database, etc. 

Foodnerd POS has helped countless restaurants in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore in streamlining their operations and boosting their sales as a result. Plus, as foodnerd is known for providing top-notch customer service so any problem faced by its users is solved as quickly as possible. 

The Takeaway: 

Efficient multi-location management is important if a business wants to be successful in handling customers from different franchises. For that to happen, you need a very capable POS software who’s provider has good customer support to help you set it up and troubleshoot problems with you. If that isn’t the case, you won’t be able to maximize your POS system to its full capabilities. It’s of course, essential that your product is good but it’s equally important to buy it from people who are willing to help you out when you are stuck using their product.

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