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  • 2022/04/22

The kingdom of Sudi Arabia is famous for its most famous Middle Eastern country. They have a lot of rice dishes which we have shortlisted. If you are interested in knowing the top Saudi rice dishes that are energetic and delicious, then continue reading it. We have shortlisted the easiest and the most popular Saudi Arabian food you should know and try. 


Kabsa is the most famous traditional Saudi dish, their national dish. It is served on a large communal platter with an aromatic chicken roast. The rice used in kabsa can be cooked in the same solution of water and spices used to cook the chicken. It is flavored with a blend of spices, including ground coriander, ground cumin, black pepper, red chili powder, ground cumin, cloves, and cardamom. Kabsa is served with tomato sauce, and it is topped with fried onions and dry fruits, including raisins, pine nuts, etc. 


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Saleeg is the most popular Saudi Arabian food you should know. It comes under the famous rice dish that contains short rice grains cooked to make a soft porridge, and then it is served with chicken or meat. Saleeg is mainly used in winter, and it originated from the Hijaz region of Saudi Arabia. The best thing about Saleeg is that it is created with straightforward ingredients such as butter or ghee, creamy milk, olive oil, rice, and a mixture of spices that make it more healthy to consume. Saleeg is the most popular food in Saudi Arabia. 

Ruz Al Bukhari

Ruz al Bukhari is also the famous rice dish of Saudi Arabia, also known as Al-fahm. It is aromatic rice usually served with roasted chicken. The rice in Ruz Al Bukhari is cooked with many spices, including cardamom, cumin, cinnamon, and star anise, and it is topped with fried onion and green spices in order to make its flavor extra delicious. The Ruz Al Bukhara means Bukhari rice. It originated from the Bukhara, and it is prevalent in central Asia. 


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Mansaf is the Jordanian origin Arabic dish made explicitly with long rice and lamb in yogurt sauce. At the same time, the yogurt used in mansaf is the dried goat yogurt known as jameed. 

 It is usually served on a large platter with three layers. In the first layer, the bread pieces are put around the table, then the layer of Tumeric rice is added, and after that, lamb meat is presented on the top with fried nuts and almonds sprinkled on it. The mansaf is considered a highly elite dish, and it is usually cooked on special occasions and religious events. Many restaurants have mansaf on their menu, which you can easily order online.


Mandi is among the best Saudi Arabia food dishes you must try. It is also renowned all around the world. Especially in Pakistan, people love to try Arabic Mandi. There are different restaurants all around the globe that serve mandi, and it comes among the top famous rice dishes. The mandi is a meat dish while the meat is cooked by boiling in an underground oven pit with whole spices, and then coal is used to smoke it for fragrance. At the same time, the rice is cooked with a blend of aroma and light spices. The thing that differentiates mandi from the rest of the items is its iconic yellow color that comes from using turmeric powder in rice. The mandi is created on special occasions, and it is usually served on a large round platter topped with onions, tomato, and green chilies. 


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