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When it comes to food, Lahore went on the top because you’ll get everything at very reasonable prices ranging from higher to lower. So Lahori food never lets you sleep with an empty stomach because it provides various options to fulfill your craving. Now let’s come to the point we have heard the complaint from biryani lovers that they never get the exact biryani taste that they experience in Karachi as we all know that the hub of biryani is Karachi. In contrast, the most famous biryani is Sindhi biryani. But it is challenging for people to just wait for the day when they visit Karachi and then eat biryani. If you are a die-hard fan of Biryani and interested in knowing the places to fulfill your biryani cravings in Lahore, then continue reading it because we have featured the best spots for biryani in Lahore. 

Which Place Is Best For Biryani In Lahore?

Well in Lahore wherever you go or whatever you eat, it will leave a unique mark on your heart because food in Lahore tastes amazing and some specific places are particularly famous for specific dishes that is why we have shortlisted some of the best places below to fulfill your Biryani craving in Lahore 

Waqas Biryani

The flavor-rich waqas biryani is cherished by everyone in Lahore because of its mouthwatering taste that directly hits the heart of die-hard biryani fans. It is the best spot for biryani in Lahore, and you’ll never get tired of eating it again and again. You won’t believe but waqas biryani has a lot of hype in Lahore, and no doubt their taste and quantity are exquisite, and it is worth the price. The only drawback of waqas biryani is that the place is crowded, and it takes hours to get your turn, and you have to struggle to enjoy waqas biryani in Lahore.


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Karachi Naseeb Biryani

Karachi Naseeb biryani is one of the most famous biryani found in every city of Pakistan. If you are a fan of Karachi Naseeb biryani, then it is good news that you can find the Karachi Naseeb biryani in Lahore. It is the most economical and delicious biryani that will tranquilize your taste buds with its fantastic taste. The quantity of Karachi Naseeb biryani is also reasonably sufficient, and their taste, quality, and service are also quite appreciable. 

Butt Biryani

The butt biryani in Lahore is also an all-time favorite place of biryani lovers in Lahore that you must try out. The butt biryani is guaranteed to be the most delicious biryani in Lahore. If you are planning to visit Lahore and want to try the best biryani in Lahore, then don’t miss out Butt biryani which is the best one. No doubt, Butt biryani provides you with a royal experience of eating biryani because they use a lot of spices to make biryani more delicious.


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Biryani Express FerozePur

One of the most tempting biryani you’ll ever get in Lahore is the Biryani Express which you’ll find right in Ferozepur. The Biryani express is very underrated, but to be very honest, their biryani taste is heavenly. The usage of spices is very balanced in the biryani of Feroze pur. You’ll become a die-hard fan of biryani if you ever experience the perfect blend of herbs and spices in biryani express.  Similarly, there are different varieties of biryani available on their menu, including mutton biryani, beef biryani, chicken biryani, etc. Their royal Sindhi biryani taste is outclassed. 

Biryani Master

Biryani master provides the perfect combination of spices, aroma, and meat that makes up a tasty flavor that will give you a mind-blowing and soul-satisfying experience. It is highly recommended to try biryani master if you crave the yummiest and most good biryani in Lahore. Similarly, the biryani master offers super hygienic dining conditions as well.


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