• Nubaira Ahmer khan"
  • 2021/09/24

Dining out has become more casual nowadays as compared to the past.  We often go to hoteling sometimes for relaxing or enjoying family or sometimes due to business commitments such as small meetings, gatherings, and conferences. But do you know that it is not acceptable to rock elbows on the table while eating, especially when holding any utensil, food, or drink in your hand? Well, sophisticated people always stay ahead and follow specific manners and guidelines while having brunch, hi-tea, buffet, and dinner in both formal and informal settings. Manners count a lot; we often get conscious when we lack common table manners, which leads to a negative experience at restaurants. Therefore, thorough dining knowledge and table etiquette make us more confident and graceful in our doings. 

What Are Table Manners?

Table manners are the rules or principles that are used while eating. It involves the use of utensils or eating food in a certain way. Different cultures observe different table manners. However, table manners are appreciated all over the world. 

Importance Of Table Manners 

Table manners are an essential part of life that makes a person more sophisticated and gentle in doing things. Therefore, table manners are worth nurturing. It is better to teach table manners to kids during their early training because these skills have to follow a lifetime. A person with perfect manners gets positive attention. Table etiquette or other manners are crucial because they give a person confidence and promote respect and kindness.   


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Top 8 Dining Etiquette

We often get nervous when having formal dining because we think about where to put napkins and when to leave the table. 

Ten most crucial dining etiquette that you must follow whenever you are out for dining 

  1. Place the napkin on your lap right after sitting down. However, wait for the host to remove the napkin and follow them when you have a formal dinner.

  2. While seated, enter into your chair from the left and then leave your chair from the right.

  3. Continuously sip from the exact place from where you first sip and put the glass back to the same place from where you picked it up. 

  4. Keep the rim of your plate as neat and clean as possible. The reason behind keeping the rim clean is to give respect to the staff who will grab the edges of your plate while cleaning. 

  5. The bottom of your plate is for the sauces and butter so whenever you are pouring any sauce on your plate, put it on the bottom right. Secondly, the upper left part of your plate is for discards. For instance, if you have bone, you’ll keep that leftover on the upper left part of your plate. 

  6. Keep your bread always on the plate unless you are delivering it to your mouth. 

  7. Do not wipe the stain. Instead, dab on the stain gently. 

  8. Do not immediately leave the table after eating. Instead, wait for some time to catch up and conversate with other people. It is considered rude to leave the table right after completing the meal.

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