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Pulao is undoubtedly the most delicious and loving dish in Pakistan, and you can spot the best pulao in town everywhere. There are many best places for the pulao which are famous. The aromatic effervescences and the blend of different spices make our craving for pulao permanent. Similarly, the pulao is one of the best cuisines in Pakistan that reunites the family with its delicious taste. It gives us another level of happiness especially when all the family members gather around the table to eat pulao. People mostly cook pulao on special occasions especially on Eid-ul-Adha the beef pulao and mutton pulao hits differently.  

Origin Of Pulao

The Pulao famously originated in the kitchen of Persians. They prefer to make pulao perfect, fluffy with each grain of rice that was separately appeared in the pulao and gave a delicious taste. The Persian chefs were so particular about the taste and appearance of pulao that they immediately rejected it if the rice was not perfectly boiled, and seemed to be sticky. Over time, the dish of pulao spread in different areas, and each country adapted it according to their respective culture such as Spanish people used to make pulao with seafood, Turkish people called this dish pilav, people belong to central Asia, significantly the afghanis add carrots and resins to make it more tempting. In the kitchens of Mughals, the pulao was introduced in a more appealing and elite form known as biryani. However, there is a considerable difference between pulao and biryani.


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5 Best Spots For Pulao In Islamabad

When it comes to pulao, the aromatic yakhni pulao triggered our hunger more, and we just want to devour it. However, finding the exact pulao taste is quite tricky. Not everyone is perfect at making pulao. Therefore, to satisfy your pulao craving, we have highlighted below the best places famous for pulao and ruling the heart of people. No doubt, these restaurants provide mouth-watering pulao, and you'll feel the taste of every ingredient while eating pulao. 

Savor Food 

If you are looking for a well-balanced plate of pulao, then savor food is the best place that serves incredibly excellent pulao with kebab and chicken pieces that you’ll love to eat. The fantastic thing about savor food is that they give the freshest and neat salad and raita as a side item. You can also order the savor online from foodnerd which provides excellent delivery service in the majority of restaurants. 

Bannu Beef Pulao 

The Bannu beef pulao is the most significant recommendation and the best place famous for pulao in Islamabad. If you want to taste the original spicy yet excellent beef pulao, then Bannu beef pulao is the right option and best spot for pulao in Islamabad

Kabul Restaurant 

The Kabul restaurant comes on the top of the list when looking for the most affordable and incredible taste for the best pulao in town. It is the perfect place for rice and meat lovers where they will get exceptional quality food


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Tayyab Pulao 

One of the top-rated restaurants is the tayyab pulao, located in Karachi. They deliver their products online as well. It is the best desi restaurant. Tayyab Pulao will never disappoint you because they have swift services.

Biryani Hut 

Biryani hut also comes among the top-rated restaurants that offer the best pulao in a town; it is a highly recommended place with a unique flavor. The good thing about them is that you can order the pulao online whenever you want. 

Where To Get The Most Tempting Pulao?

Well, some days we crave to eat an exceptional dish, and for that purpose, we often think about where we will get the best pulao, and that is why you usually have to search best pulao near me. For your ease, foodnerd is the most fantastic food delivery platform successfully operating in the major cities of Pakistan, including Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi. They provide continuous food delivery facilities to customers non-stop. They also have an option of a food delivery app, and the customer can order through the website as well. The good thing about foonderd is that you can browse various the best restaurants near your respective area. Then you can easily choose between a variety of items. So if you are among those too lazy to go outside or cook a meal yourself, or you belong to a group of people who hardly spare some time even to eat their meal, the foodnerd is the best option for you. Note the words your experience with Foodnerd will be worth it.  


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