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The tiny umbrellas on drinks make any kind of drink more elite and attractive. But why are there umbrellas on drinks? What is the purpose of a cocktail umbrella, what is the origin of the cocktail, who invented the umbrella, and where can I buy a cocktail umbrella? 

These are the basic questions that immediately cross our minds when we are having umbrella drinks. However, we have highlighted all the details regarding how to use cocktail umbrellas or where to buy cocktail umbrellas. 

So keep reading to know interesting facts about paper umbrellas in drinks. 

What Is A Cocktail Umbrella?

A cocktail umbrella, also known as a paper umbrella or paper parasol, is typically made of wooden or split bamboo or toothpicks wrapped in Japanese art paper. A small ring around the skewer generally holds the umbrella open.  

The cocktail umbrella is used for many purposes; however, the basic aim is to use it for garnishing. The cocktail umbrella originated in the Hawaiian region for alcoholic drinks, and it quickly spread all over the world to use in different alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. 


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The Origin Of Cocktail Umbrella

The cocktail umbrella can be traced back to the 1990s, when Harry Yee, the head bartender at Hawaiian Village Hotel on Waikiki Beach, invented the cocktail umbrella in a drink in 1955. 

Previously, Yee used sugarcane sticks for garnishing drinks, but they soon got frustrated when the guests left the chewed remnants of sugarcane in ashtrays, so he soon replaced them with orchids. However, in 1959, they came up with the idea of using umbrellas in drinks.

While the people who used to visit the Hawaiian Village Hotel called the drink “tiki cocktails” or “umbrella drinks,” it became a sensation with the passage of time, and then these little umbrellas started singing as a garnish in drinks or food and were also utilized as toothpicks.  


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What is the Purpose of a Cocktail Umbrella?

The cocktail umbrella in a drink looks like a decoration piece, but it is very useful for outdoor activities and functions. As you can see, drinks served under umbrellas are typically served at seaside, on beaches, in outdoor areas, or in tropical settings. 

Paper umbrellas are used because they slow down the rapid evaporation of a beverage's volatile spirits. Simultaneously, when customers take a sip, the gases in their nose fizz, making them uncomfortable. However, paper parasols or cocktail umbrellas prevent this. 

Another benefit of using a cocktail umbrella is that it shields the ice in the drink from direct sunlight, allowing it to stay in the drink for longer. 

One of the most interesting pieces of information regarding a paper umbrella is that it holds a secret message inside. As they are made of old newspapers, you often find some sentences from headlines or stories if you look with interest. 


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Non-alcoholic Alcoholic Umbrella Drinks

If you're looking for non-alcoholic umbrella drinks, check out the options below, and don't forget to snap a photo and share it on social media with the non-alcoholic beverages and a paper umbrella on top. 

Pina Colada 

The pina colada is an interesting combo of pineapple and coconut milk that makes for an amazing drink. It is basically a cocktail that is usually presented with a paper umbrella, and it is the best option that you can consider in umbrella drinks.


As the pina colada itself is a cocktail, it may include a small amount of alcohol; however, you can give instructions to not include it if you want to avoid it. The pina colada is available at different hotels, motels, and also online at Foodnerd

However,  hangover cafes serve the best and most delicious mocktails, including the creamy pina colada, that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. 


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Mint Margarita 

The mint margarita is a blend of mint leaves, lemon juice, black salt, sugar, soda, and ice cubes. It has a beautiful green color and a tempting taste. The mint margarita is always served with a cocktail umbrella. This enhances the look of this delicious drink. 

If you are craving a flavored margarita or a mint margarita, you can order it online from Well Tinsel Cafe & grill will also not disappoint you if you want refreshing Mint Margarita online.

Lemon Soda 

The lemon soda is also a refreshing drink to consider if you want a delicious drink on the beach that will immediately refresh your soul, shower your body with nutrients, and maintain your glucose level.

If you don’t want fizz, you can simply go with lemonade, also known as nimbu pani. It is usually made with lemon, sugar, salt, and black paper, plus additional soda, mixed in water. And this whole combination is surprisingly delicious.


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For drinking fresh lime soda, order right now from Tandoori.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is a quick fix that will make your drink craving more memorable. What makes coconut water or coconut milk more valuable is the half-cut coconut with water or milk inside, served freshly with a parasol umbrella and straw on top as a garnish.  

The taste of coconut water is slightly sweet or sometimes tasteless; however, it is highly nutritious and really good to drink, as a small glass of coconut water cheers you up in warm weather and also keeps your body hydrated all the time.  


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Fruit Punch Mocktail

Fruit punch is the most interesting and tasty drink that is also high in nutrients. Its taste is usually sweet, fruity, and creamy, which everybody likes. It is usually created with the five seasonal fruits. 

Well, it depends on you whether you are making a fruit punch mocktail in the summer or the winter, and the fruits also depend on the season. At the same time, if you want to make it more fizzy than you can add, soda, carbonated drink or alcohol as well,

Where Can I Buy a Cocktail Umbrella?

If you are interested in buying a cocktail umbrella online, or planning to write a cocktail umbrella near me then instead of writing this, just buy a mixed paper cocktail umbrella online from Amazon, or a pack of 25 umbrellas from Daraz online store , online grocery store  or Ali Express.


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