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  • Shoaib khan
  • 2018/06/05

Most of us lead lives where we unnoticeably sucked into an eating routine and are trying a way out of it. This thought of cutting down weight and eating healthy probably runs through our mind a dozen times a day.

And every time it makes you asking serious questions that what you are doing with yourself by having unhealthy food that you conveniently eat while watching your diet plan fly out of the window. Among all different lifestyles issues to deal with, we tend to ignore basic rule of eating seasonal produce.

Eating seasonal fresh and healthy provide twice as many flavors that are high in vitamins, minerals and other essentials for the body development.  Summer brings a lot of variety of fruits and green vegetables, corn, mangoes and melons.

Farmers tend to provide a large number of summers and supply is sufficient for all the buyers. Vice versa fruits and vegetables out of season available in the market may come with the risk of chemicals that are applied to keep them fresh. 

Summer is the part of the year when you tend to see very colorful vegetables and fruits in the markets. People happily use more fluids in every hour of the day instead of eating different things.

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Salad Leaves

Basil and other herbs should be used in salad bowl also use little yogurt at the top to make it more rich and nutritious. It is also very useful to lose weight, resolve stomach issues and continues use will have a positive impact on your skin as well. 

It is a powerhouse nutrition, stooping nuts, meat, peppers, mint, and cheese would make a light and lovely meal.

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One of the best fruits in summer it keeps us hydrated, keeps memory sharp and fulfills the fluids requirement of the body in high temperatures. It’s about 90% water, you can take the juice out of it and also eat it. 

It helps your body to cool during summer months. Fruits with a large amount of water in it will keep you satisfied and on the lower side of calories. Watermelon protects skin from oxidative stress and contributes to brighten a dull complexion.

Mint Water

Strangely we see few things every day in our life but never used them in the right perspective to improve our lifestyle for good. One glass of strained mint water, a teaspoon of sugar and few drops of lemon can bring magic to your life. 

Very effective for the people struggling with digestion issues, it enhances appetite and boosts metabolism.

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The king is here in summers, besides its best taste, it prevents cancer. Antioxidant compounds in mango fruit provide protection against different types of cancer.  Lowers cholesterol levels, improves eyesight, clears skin and may also be helpful in diabetes.

Luscious taste of mangoes also contains vitamins and minerals to provide something extra for the body. People in rural areas are very fond of mango pickles every home and every age group add this to their daily diet.  


Bottle Gourd

This might not be your favorite vegetable but it has numerous positives for your body. Bottle gourd (lauki) is rich in vitamin A, C, calcium, and magnesium are extraordinary for the weight loss. 

Eating lauki proven to have promotion calm element in it and satisfying feeling for the user. In summers when the body temperatures remain on the higher side, it works well on the blood pressure and very good blood purifier.

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We might have heard so much about the corn already but nothing says summer like fresh sweet corn. Two very important antioxidants zeaxanthin and lutein that protect us from damaging sun rays are present in corn and work as sunglasses for the human body. 

Besides multiple usability corns contains, vitamin B, C, magnesium, and potassium. Corn has the tendency to make you fat, you must have to watch the amount you eat and all will be fine.    

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