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  • 2022/04/18

Ramadan 2022 is the month of tremendous blessings because we are involved in all the activities we are made for, such as complete indulgence in worship, including offering prayers, reading the Holy Quran, waking up early, helping the poor, spending quality time with our family, gathering around the table for Sehri and Iftar and share our meals. All these things not only wash away all our sins but also purify our souls. Similarly, it is the Holy month with loads of blessings and double rewards. Because of the month's unique importance, all Muslims retain great pleasure for this month in their heart. 

You may notice the apparent difference in every aspect of your life, ranging from your sleep schedule to eating behavior. Everything changed in Ramadan. At the same time, we all are more excited for the Iftar time in which we usually love to eat different cuisines that are different from our usual routine. Samosas, Pakoras, Kachori, chana Chaat and Fruit chaat make our iftar table more delicious. However, we must praise the women, including our mothers, sisters, and house help who make all these delicious things to make our iftar more memorable. That is why they deserve one day off from their hectic routine of making a grand iftar for us, and they need to enjoy the Iftar buffet outside. Continue reading it to find the best restaurant for the Iftar buffet.

Best 5 Iftar Places To Try In Islamabad 

Iftar is one of the best and favorite times in Ramadan, which we love to enjoy to its fullest. Sometimes we have an iftar party with our friends, and sometimes we love going to the iftar buffet with our family. Anyhow, most of us love to enjoy Iftar outside our home, but at the same time, some people feel more comfortable at home, and they can easily order online from the best restaurant nearby. However,  we have featured top outdoor places for iftar in Islamabad. 

Koffee Net Islamabad 

Koffee net presents the best 2022 iftar buffet with dinner in Islamabad at 1499/- PKR. The items in their iftar menu are amazingly unique and mouth-watering, including pakora, samosa, fruit chat, dates, chana chaat, finger fish, chicken wings, cold sandwich, and chicken shashlik, dessert, and min lemonade. If you want their Iftar+dinner meal, you can first enjoy their grand iftar, and they will also present you the two main meals along with a tasty dessert that will give you a fantastic experience. 


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Hangover Cafe

If you want a fantastic Ramadan Iftar buffet deal in Islamabad with a perfect menu and lots of dishes that satisfy your hunger, then Hangover cafe is the best place. If you are a Pan Asian cuisine lover, this is the perfect place. No doubt their chicken steak with mushroom sauce is my all-time favorite one. Hangover cafe offers a range of dishes in their iftar buffet for just 1499/- PKR. Well, the rates of the iftar buffet are almost the same everywhere, but the good thing about hangovers is that they have more Chinese and Asian dishes on their menu. 


Pappasallis offers a vast deal of menu items in their iftar. If you are interested in mouthwatering dishes with a lot of variety, give pappasallis a try because you’ll love their fantastic menu with outstanding ambiance. This place is ideal for people who want to arrange iftar for their family, friends, and employees. Papasalis have a variety of dishes on their menu. However, one drawback of pappasallis is that it is always full, so you hardly find any table for reservation. Therefore, if you want to try pappasallis for your iftar, book your reservation in advance.


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Khiva Restaurant 

Khiva offers an excellent Iftar cum dinner buffet in just 1499/- PKR with many menu items to make your Ramadan more memorable. They have fixed charges, and their iftar cum dinner menu is quite impressive and triggers your hunger to its peak. Ranging from fish, BBQ, mutton, beef steak, chicken, Chinese, curries, chats, salads, drinks, and desserts to everything, you will enjoy every dish to its full extent at Khiva. So if you want a reasonable Ramadan iftar buffet deal, then Khiva is the best place.  

La Montanna

La Montana is a must-visit place in Islamabad, especially for those food lovers who love to try different restaurants. La Montana will not disappoint you if you look for the perfect Iftar place in Islamabad. You’ll enjoy both their iftar and dinner with a fantastic view. Similarly, if you are a desi food lover, you must not wait and just book your reservation immediately with la Montana. The best thing about la Montana is that they offer two meals in their iftar+buffet deal, so you can quickly check out the central cuisine they are offering and then plan accordingly. 


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