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Does your heart skip a beat when the aroma of freshly brewed coffee touches your nostrils? If so, you are a "javaphile," which is defined as "a person who is a coffeeholic and loves to drink it." Well, the two things that matter to coffee lovers are coffee beans and coffee shops.

Some coffee lovers prefer to make their own coffee, while others prefer to visit a nearby coffee shop or order takeout coffee. Well, do you know there are different types of coffee? Also, each preferred coffee choice reflects a unique personality.

So if you are interested in knowing all the details, then continue reading because we have compiled all the information on different types of coffee and their impact on human personality and where to find the best coffee.  


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Coffee Mediation 

Do you know how to make coffee? If not, then learn it quickly because after knowing about the term "Coffee Meditation," you’ll definitely prefer to follow this practice. Well, in our daily healthy life practice, some of us do meditation. 

However, coffee meditation is something very interesting and unique that definitely improves perception, inner peace, allows the brain to rest from overthinking, and keeps you in the present moment and allows you to work energetically.  

Meditation helps us to concentrate and prevent delusion, while adding a mug of coffee adds a booster to it. All you need to balance your mediation session with the fragrance of coffee. It will help you overcome a lot of stress. 


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How To Do Coffee Meditation?

The Coffee Meditation Required few steps:

Take three mugs, one with the coffee bean, another one with powdered coffee (it is available on any grocery store) the third one with the filtered black coffee. 

Sit down in a comfortable position, take a break from the hustle and just stare at these three cups of mugs that are in front of you. 

Now breathe in and breathe out five times and feel the aroma with your full attention and discover how it feels. Breath in and out five times.

After the fragrance feels, take a coffee bean mug and feel the texture of the coffee beans in your hand. Now put the coffee beans and mug back together. 

The Next step is to move your attention towards ground coffee powder, repeat the same process and feel the texture in your hand take five breathes and put it back,

Note:  you can take any type of coffee powder available in your nearby grocery store, or order online from

Now take a mug of black coffee drink, feel it, sip it up, and then concentrate on the present moment and repeat a five-time breath circle. 

Take a sip again, first focus on whether it's warm or cold, then take another sip, focus on aroma, and lastly, take a sip again, focus on fragrance, and then enjoy the coffee. You’ll feel relaxed. 

The coffee mediation will be difficult for newbies to start with. However, once you have gained a grip on it, you’ll definitely enjoy it and do it again and again.


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Different Types Of Coffee And What Personality It Reflects?

Whenever you visit any coffee shop, you will find different varieties of coffee. However, not all types of coffee you like. We all have different tastes and preferences developed towards coffee, and this indicates personality differences.

Do you know that different types of coffee preferences reflect a unique personality? if you want to know your exclusivity based on your coffee preferences, then see below. Still, these are some crazy facts not universally accepted as true. 


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Black Coffee

Black coffee is a type of coffee without any cream, milk, sugar, or anything else. It is a bitter type of coffee However, people who like black coffee are very straightforward, they are resistant to change, and they like things as they are. 

The most important aspect of black coffee enthusiasts is that they are rare and classy, as well as highly reliable with a strong personality. They never mess things up, and also, the people who like black coffee are highly organized. 


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The personalities of espresso lovers are always energetic and on the go. They have a personality that mixes well and adjusts in every environment. However, the espresso lovers are very strong and determined. 

Those who prefer espresso in their coffee also tend to be hard-working, self-assured, and dedicated. They are the leaders due to their charismatic character and personality. Last but not least, they are moody as well. 


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People who enjoy latte have a fun-loving personality, are easy-going, and prefer to enjoy everything with an adventure. Latte coffee lovers can be indecisive at times, and they enjoy socializing.

However, they are overall the type of people everyone feels comfortable with because they are people who keep things light and smooth. Some research also indicates that latte-loving people are very kind and generous.


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Cappuccino is also one of the most interesting types of coffee, and those who prefer it have a unique personality. Although they are quite creative, they are somewhat obsessive in their behavior. 

They tend to have a warm personality, which is why they become angry quite immediately. Cappuccino lovers are highly loyal and friendly. They love socializing, and people enjoy their company, but these people get bored easily.


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Ice Coffee

People who like iced coffee retain a very energetic and exciting personality. They never stop themselves from going on some crazy adventure. They liked thrills in everything, which is why they made simple things quite interesting.

The interesting thing about iced coffee lovers is that they are quite spontaneous and reactive. However, they are hard to manipulate and somehow retain a rigid personality. But overall, their behavior is cool.


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Best Coffee Places To Consider In Islamabad

Now that you've learned enough about coffee flavors and their effects on personality, let's move on. Now it's time to find out who has the best coffee in the world. For those who enjoy coffee, the following cafes should be taken into account when choosing the best cafe in Islamabad:


The Brew is a delightful coffee place in Islamabad that has the best coffee in town, and day by day it is gaining more popularity because of its boulangerie bakery and coffee shop that serve a range of baked items and freshly brewed coffee.   


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If you are thinking of how to make black coffee, then don’t waste your time in finding ways. Just visit Kaaf for the best coffee. It is the perfect place that serves original Arabic-style coffee with delicious cookies and the best ambiance.


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The Butlers Chocolate Cafe Islamabad is also one of the best and most popular places to consider for coffee and bakery items. They have an old English style ambiance. Butlers are only loved because of their dark chocolate taste and the best coffee in Islamabad. 

Burning Brownie

The Burning Brown in Islamabad can not be ignored because it is the best place for coffee and dessert. If you are craving for the yummiest brownies paired up with the best cup of coffee, then don’t forget to visit Burning Brown. 


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Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf

When it comes to delicious coffee cafes in Islamabad, the coffee bean and tea leaf standout. best if you want to enjoy the best food in islamabad with perfect coffee then the coffee bean and tea leaf will never disappoint you. 

Where To Order Coffee Online In Islamabad 

If you are craving for coffee but are too lazy to go outside and enjoy a warm cup of coffee at some perfect cafe in Islamabad, then don’t worry. We have a solution for you. Just Download Foodnerd online ordering app and enjoy exclusive coffee from the best cafe.  

No need to write about coffee near me and search for it on Google because the Foodnerd online ordering app will handle it all and suggest you the best coffee places from where you can order online. You can also place orders directly from the fodnerd website as well.
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