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Lahore is a city made for food, and finding delicious soups from the best restaurants in Lahore is not a difficult task. Because there are many good soup places in Lahore that fulfill all your soup cravings on the chilliest winter days. 

If you are a soup lover looking for tasty soup places in Lahore and thinking about which restaurants serve the best soups in Lahore, then continue reading because we have highlighted the best soup places in Lahore.

Top 8 Places to Visit in Lahore for the Best Soup

In the winter, we all crave delicious hot soup that blows away all our coldness; however, we prefer to eat from the best place. In the list below, we've highlighted the top 8 spots where you can satisfy your craving for soup. 

Yum Chinese And Thai

The yum chinese and thai is the go to place for every chinese or Asian food lover. It is the best place that offers delicious pan-Asian cuisine. If you are craving delicious Chinese soup in any flavor, then Yums Chinese and Thai at Gulberg or DHA Phase III is the perfect place.

The hot and sour soup at yums chinese and thai restaurant in lahore pairing with fish crackers is a perfect meal to consider at yums if you want the best chinese soup in Lahore. The staff at Yums is highly trained, and they serve the best cuisine. 


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Room Service 

If you are looking for soup places in Lahore but are too lazy to go outside and think about ordering it online, then consider Room Service in Lahore. It is one of the amazing online places that offers amazing soups in different varieties. 

Their roasted organic tomato basil soup and oriental chicken soup are the best options to consider. Interestingly, their prices are also very reasonable. For example, a full bowl of oriental chicken noodle soup costs Rs 550 only.  


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The Wasabi Sushi Bar in Lahore is an original place where you can find the best soup with a lot of variety. You can eat Japanese mushroom soup, Miso soup, Dobin Mushi soup, and a variety of other soups that will make you feel good.

There is no doubt Wasabi’s menu is really delicious and versatile, and at the same time, their ambiance is very good. So, if you want to have the best continental-flavored soup experience in Lahore, Wasabi is the place to go. 


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Spice Bazar 

The Spice Bazaar Lahore presents flavorful cuisines rich in taste, variety, quality, and quantity. So if you are looking for a soup with a delectable Indian touch, Spice is the perfect option for you. 

Similarly, the spice bazaar in Lahore not only provides delicious soups but also yakhni as well. Consider the spice bazaar for chicken yakhni, mutton yakhni, Desi Murgh Yakhni, and other regional flavors at a reasonable price. 


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Sumo is the best Japanese restaurant in Lahore that you can consider for the best soup places in Lahore. If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine and in search of the original Japanese taste in Pakistan, then it is good news for you that Sumo is here. 

At Sumo, you’ll definitely enjoy a truly Japanese experience with a perfect ambiance and cozy environment. Well, Sumo provides a list of Japanese dishes, including Mandarin soup, Schezwan soup, spiced Korean, hot and sour, Wonton Tom Yum, Tom Kha and many more. 

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Pasta La Vista

Pasta La Vista is the most popular Italian restaurant in Lahore and serves delicious meals in a very nice atmosphere. If you're looking for a healthy and tasty soup that tastes nothing like ordinary soup, go to Consider Pasta La Vista in Lahore. 

Take note of the following words: You'll fall in love with their authentic Italian touch, their cozy environment, and their taste. Also, the pastas at Pasta La Vista are very famous and worth trying, so don’t wait; just immediately visit Pasta La Vista if you are an Italian food fan. 


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Bamboo Union 

The Bamboo Union presents the best Pan Asian cuisine in DHA Lahore Phase 5. If you are a sushi or noodle person, or you love to enjoy soup with crackers, then you must visit the Bamboo Union because this place is specifically for you. 

So don’t miss Bamboo Union if you want authentic Pan-Asian cuisine in Lahore. The most interesting thing about the Bamboo Union menu is that they provide a separate kid's bowl as well, so you can enjoy it with your family whenever you want. 


If you have a strong desire for soup and haven't tried Veera5 yet, go there because they serve the best chicken corn soup in Lahore. They also have a variety of other soup options, but their chicken corn soup is unique. 

The great thing about Veera 5 is that they have a fantastic soup bar where customers can enjoy noodle soups from either Thailand or China. Similar to this, TomYum Goong is the most highly recommended soup at Veera5, offering a tasty blend of hot and sour soup with a light spice touch.

Online Soup In Lahore

Foodnerd is the best online ordering and delivery service that has the top restaurants registered. It is the best option to consider if you are craving for soup. 


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