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Are you an introvert and don't like to go to restaurants at the same time that you love eating different types of cuisine? Well, unfortunately, yes, the worst thing for introverts while going to restaurants is that they feel very uncomfortable all the time. Instead of hanging out with friends and attending parties, introverts prefer to eat alone in their own comfort zone. The group dinner anxiety at the restaurant makes the introverts really uncomfortable, although sometimes they want to enjoy food with their friends. 

There are many mixed feelings that introverts go through such as they don’t have a loud voice to order something, and they feel really annoyed when the waiter is standing behind them to note their order. Last but not least, introverts take a little extra time while ordering something. However, new business trends and cutting-edge technology have resulted in wonderful solutions that outperform everything else. 

Now, being an introvert, you don’t have to leave your comfort zone and go outside to enjoy food because food delivery apps are there that bring us a lot of ease and accessibility to order food online at home with a few clicks. There are many food delivery apps that successfully operate all around the world, and we have shortlisted the top online food delivery services that you can try. Continue reading it and choose the cheapest food delivery app.


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Benefit Of Food Delivery App

The food delivery app is a very beneficial thing to have in and of itself; however, we have highlighted some immediate benefits of the food delivery app that you can consider below. 


The age of technology has made our lives easier in every way because everything is at our fingertips. Now going outside to eat food is not a big deal because we can eat at home by ordering food online.

Digital Menu

The food delivery apps provide a digital menu with a virtual food court where customers can easily find what a specific restaurant is offering and what the prices are. Thus, with a food delivery app, you can take your time finding the best cuisine on your mobile device.

One Click Order 

One of the most interesting benefits of food delivery services is that they provide one-click ordering. It only takes a few clicks to confirm the order after selecting the restaurant and meal from the food delivery app that is already installed on our mobile device. 


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Affordable Deals 

Food delivery services are third-party services that are linked to specific restaurants, which is why they occasionally throw different promotional deals that are quite affordable in comparison to the restaurant's actual menu price. 

Versatile Menu 

While going to a restaurant, we have only a few restaurants from which we can choose and explore the menu. However, in the food delivery app, we have a virtual food court with different types of  restaurants, versatile menus, and multiple types of cuisine from which to order food online.

Vouchers, Coupons & Loyalty Programs

The interesting benefit food delivery services mostly offer is the voucher, coupon, and loyalty programs, as customers often get discount vouchers with these delivery food apps. Also,  with consistent ordering, these apps also generate loyalty points and gift something to loyal customers.


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11 Best Food Delivery Apps To Try 

The use of food delivery apps is the latest business trend and is in high demand. It is really significant to have a food delivery app installed on a mobile phone. 

For your ease, we have highlighted the top delivery apps for restaurants including:

  • UberEats 

  • Foodnerd 

  • Foodpanda

  • Cheetay

  • Talabat

  • Deliveroo

  • Grubhub

  • Zoomatoo

  • Mrsool

  • Radyes

  • Noon Food

Read the reviews thoroughly and choose one of your favorite food delivery apps that matches your needs. 


UberEats is the most popular food delivery app, and it is currently available in 45 countries with large fleets of drivers and riders. UberEats is mostly popular in the American continent and surrounding countries. Uber Eat has a lot of local and international restaurants serving the best meals with perfect deals.


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Foodnerd is also the best food delivery app, it has an online ordering platform as well. It gives users the choice to order from a web or mobile app. Foodnerd app is a user-friendly app displaying top restaurants.  It is currently operating in Pakistan, and in the middle eastern side of the world most commonly in UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia etc. 


Foodpanda is a renowned German food delivery app, It is available in multiple cities all across Pakistan. Furthermore, FoodPanda only operates in Asia and South-East Europe. The best feature of Foodpanda's delivery is that it supports contactless ordering and payment, making it more appealing. 


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The Cheetay app is also the perfect go-to app if you want to order food, groceries, fresh milk, or even tea. Cheetah is always present and assists you in obtaining your favorite item at home. The amazing thing about Cheetay is that they offer multiple discounted deals and promo codes all the time, so you always have a reason to eat something amazing. 


The Talabat app delivers a wide variety of food from the top-rated restaurants and has the best service. The Talabat delivery app delivers more than just food. You can get medicines, groceries, and fresh fruits and vegetables from Talabat within a short amount of time. The Talabat delivery app lets you enjoy your comfort zone in an amazing way. It is available in the UAE. 


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Deliveroo is a London-based online food ordering app, but currently it is in the top list of food delivery apps, successfully delivering food orders to customers and also providing them with plenty of promotional offers and discounts. The amazing thing about Deliveroo is that they have a fast delivery service as compared to their competitors. 


Grubhub is the Chicago based American company that has a top market for food delivery. The success of Grubhub is evident with its association with almost 115,000 restaurants worldwide. It is the largest food delivery app service that you can install on your mobile and order food from anywhere in the world, excluding China. 


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Zoomato is an Indian mobile app that has now expanded its services to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It is a good option to consider if you want to know the best places to dine. The Zoomato food delivery app can help you explore them. Zomato helps you find the best cuisine, from fast food to desi food, with a contactless food delivery option. 


If you are looking for the top food delivery app in Saudi Arabia, then Mrsool is the top online ordering application, providing a seamless mobile experience to customers. Mrsool is soon to expand its operations in Egypt, Bahrain, and other middle eastern regions. It covers all areas of Saudi Arabia. Mrsool always provides the best food and grocery experience.  


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Radyes is an amazing online food ordering and delivery platform that helps customers and restaurants stay connected with each other. It is the best delivery app and is operational in more than eight countries, including Egypt, KSA, Kuwait, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and India. The Radyes bring wallet friendly options to customers when it comes to food.

Noon Food

Noon food delivery app is the best and the fastest food delivery app in UAE. It is a perfect option to install on mobile if you are in the United Arab Emirates. However, the Noon food delivery app will soon expand its operations in Saudi Arabia. It is the top delivery app in the food and beverage industry overall. 


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